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About International Kids Expo 

International Kids Exhibition is specialized in kids and their needs

The International Kids Exhibition is one of the ventures that the International Arabian Steps Company for Exhibitions are venturing to take place in the capital city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh, adjacent to the highest technical and artistic standards attained locally and internationally.  The exhibition facilitates all the services and products the child needs in one place, such as companies, stores that are specialized in children’s products, clubs, medical centers, entertainment, educational entities, in addition to many other providers that are devoted to children’s demands and necessities. Thus, the exhibition will provide a great opportunity for visitors and investors to get acquainted with all the different children’s services and product providers. Additionally, the exhibition is also providing exciting entertainment stages for children, parents, and investors to ensure the greatest possible happiness and fun for them, such as the entertainment arena, live show stage, conference speakers stage and VIP lounge.

Our children are our most precious jewels in our life

Despite their young age and simplicity of their needs between eating, playing, and sleeping, parents spend long hours of their days taking care of their children, nurturing their needs, and providing their various basic and secondary necessities within a safe family environment. Whereas parents begin to dedicate their lives until their children reach adulthood where they become responsible and could take care of themselves, with that still the parenting role does not fade away as they are still guiding and advising their children throughout their entire life.

Exhibition Objectives


Supporting companies, stores, centers that are specialized in children’s products and services.


Increase the knowledge for the exhibitors in knowing their competitors and similar providers in the same industry.


Expanding commercial perceptions to develop the services provided and develop new services and products.


Saving the costs of the exorbitant advertising campaigns for the exhibitor that consumes a large part of their budget without achieving tangible results.


Providing the exhibitors with a venue to display their services, products, and their advertisement campaigns to the public.


Encourage and educate the parents with all the products and services that are available in the market to support their children, all organized in one location.


Motivate and support small and emerging businesses to boost the marketing of their services and products.


Introduce visitors to your services and products to expand your client base to reach the maximum exposure.


Establishing partnerships and deals between exhibitors and investors at the exhibition to gain profits.

Targeted Exhibitors

Authorizes and Government Entities


Information Technology Companies

Schools and Nurseries


Leisure Centers

Sport and Training Centers

Children’s Products Company

Online / E-Commerce Stores


Parents and Children

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Floor Plan


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